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Defending Your Rights with Carjacking Lawyers in Washington DC

Carjacking is one of the most serious felony charges in Washington, DC. If convicted, the offense carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 7 years in prison, and a maximum sentence of 21 years. The penalties are even more severe if the carjacking is committed with a weapon. If you or a loved one is facing a carjacking charge, our team of attorneys is prepared to defend your rights and vigorously advocate for your case. A criminal conviction can significantly impact your life beyond judicial punishments.

It is crucial to have an experienced DC carjacking attorney represent you if you have been charged with a carjacking offense.

An experienced DC carjacking lawyer can assess your case’s strengths and weaknesses, negotiate with the prosecution, and provide guidance throughout the legal process. They can challenge evidence, negotiate plea deals, and represent you in court to get you the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

The criminal defense attorneys at Monument Legal have the courtroom-tested legal experience needed to defend you against carjacking charges and tenaciously fight for the best possible results in your case.

Stop delaying and schedule a consult. Find out what you’re facing in a complimentary consultation with an experienced DC carjacking attorney and rest easier tonight!

Frequently Asked Questions

In Washington, DC, carjacking is generally defined as the act of forcefully taking a vehicle from someone through threats, intimidation, or violence. It’s a serious crime that can result in severe penalties, including mandatory minimum imprisonment.

Armed carjacking in Washington, DC, typically involves the use of a weapon or firearm during the commission of a carjacking offense. This means that not only is a vehicle forcefully taken from someone, but the perpetrator is also armed with a dangerous weapon during the commission of the crime. Armed carjacking is a very serious offense that carries a mandatory minimum prison sentence of 15 years, and a maximum sentence of 40 years. Due to the increased incidents of carjacking in Washington, DC in recent years, prosecutors and judges treat armed carjacking defendants with very little leniency.

In Washington, DC, you could be guilty of attempted carjacking if you take substantial steps towards committing the crime but are unable to complete it for any reason. These steps might include acts such as:

  • Approaching a vehicle with the intent to take it without the owner’s consent.
  • Threatening the owner or occupants of the vehicle with force or violence to gain control of the vehicle.
  • Trying to force the owner out of the vehicle or trying to enter the vehicle forcefully.
  • Intimidating the owner to give up the vehicle by displaying a weapon or indicating that you have a weapon.

If you take such actions but are unsuccessful in actually stealing the vehicle due to intervention, resistance from the owner, or any other reason, you could be charged with attempted carjacking. Penalties for attempted carjacking are typically less severe than those for completed carjacking but may still result in significant legal consequences, including imprisonment.

Consult with a DC Carjacking Lawyer

Consult with a DC Carjacking Lawyer

If you or a loved one is facing carjacking charges in Washington, DC, consulting with an experienced lawyer is essential. An experienced carjacking attorney can help you understand your options, build a defense strategy, and navigate the legal system effectively. Contact Monument Legal today for a consultation and personalized legal assistance tailored to your case.

Why choose Monument Legal?

We have extensive experience handling carjacking charges, and are familiar with the judges and the prosecutors. In addition, we will be by your side every step of the way, keeping you informed, answering your questions, and addressing your concerns. Our one goal in every case is to get our clients the best possible outcome. We care about your case, and we care about you.

Monument Legal consistently provides excellent results for their clients, including:

  • Diversion agreements
  • Reduced charges
  • Not guilty verdicts