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In Washington, DC a juvenile is defined as an individual under the age of 18. When dealing with a juvenile defendant, the word convicted is replaced with the word “involved.” Specifically, if a juvenile is arrested and brought before DC Superior Court he or she may be found to have been involved in a delinquent act. Many times, the arrested juvenile is a family member who is loved and cared for deeply. As a result, the family is likely to be concerned about either having their child removed from the home or how the arrest will impact their mental health, social adjustment, or even their education and future professions. If your loved one is the subject of a juvenile arrest within Washington, DC, immediately contact a skilled juvenile defense attorney.

It is crucial to have an experienced DC Juvenile Defense attorney represent you or your loved one.

An experienced DC Juvenile lawyer can assess the child’s case strengths and weaknesses, negotiate with the prosecution, and provide guidance throughout the legal process. They can challenge evidence, negotiate favorable outcomes, and represent the child in court to ensure they get the best possible outcome for their circumstances.

The criminal defense attorneys at Monument Legal have the courtroom-tested legal experience needed to defend your child against juvenile charges and tenaciously fight for the best possible results in your case.

Stop delaying and schedule a consultation. Find out what you are facing in a complimentary consultation with an experienced DC juvenile defense attorney and rest easier tonight!

Frequently Asked Questions

In Washington, DC, a juvenile is anyone under 18 years old.

In Washington, DC, juveniles are charged with many of the same crimes that adults are. Some of the most common juvenile crimes are theft, simple assault, drug possession, disorderly conduct, carrying a pistol without a license and recently – carjacking. It is also not uncommon to see juveniles charged with a DUI or possessing a fake ID.

In Washington, DC, if arrested by the police, a juvenile is usually processed at the DC Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) at the Youth Services Center. In some cases, MPD may dismiss or divert the juvenile to a program outside of the DC juvenile justice system. In other circumstances, Court Social Services (CSS) may conduct a screening and decide whether the juvenile should be held at YSC (secured detention) or released to a guardian/parent. Transfer to the adult criminal system is rare and only happens if the juvenile is 15 to 17 years old and charged with a specific violent crime.

In Washington, DC, if a juvenile is found to have been involved there will be a hearing to determine the juvenile’s sentence. At this hearing, the Court will hear from the prosecutor, the defense attorney, family members, CSS, and other members from social services. At the conclusion of this hearing the Court will determine whether the juvenile should be placed on probation with CSS or even committed to DYRS (youth detention center) for custody.

In Washington, DC, a juvenile can be committed or detained for a specific or indeterminate period of time. However, this detainment must not exceed the juvenile’s 21st birthday.

In Washington, DC, juvenile criminal records are kept under seal and are not made open to inspection by any unauthorized persons.

Consult with a DC Juvenile Lawyer

Consult with a DC Juvenile Lawyer

If you or your loved one is facing juvenile related criminal charges in Washington, DC, consulting with an experienced lawyer is essential. An experienced juvenile defense attorney can help you understand your child’s options, build a defense strategy, and navigate the legal system effectively. Contact Monument Legal today for a consultation and personalized legal assistance tailored to your case.

Why choose Monument Legal?

We have extensive experience handling juvenile charges and are familiar with the judges and the prosecutors. In addition, we will be by you and the juveniles’ side every step of the way, keeping the parties informed, answering questions, and addressing concerns. Our one goal in every case is to get our clients the best possible outcome. We care about your case, and we care about you.

Monument Legal consistently provides excellent results for their clients, including:

  • Diversion agreements
  • Reduced charges
  • Not guilty verdicts